• UC LEADS Research and Leadership Symposium

    The 2015 Symposium was held at UC Merced on March 21, 2015

  • Presenting Research to UC Faculty

    UC LEADS scholars engage with faculty judges and fellow scholars as they present their research

  • UC LEADS Alumni Panel

    Charlesice Hawkins, UC Merced, presents her research to a judge

  • Poster Presentations

    These alumni shared their stories, challenges, and successes. Many thanks to our panelists, from left to right, David Jones, Jennifer Liberto, Felipe Godinez, Ph.D., Maribel Jaquez, Jean Alupay, Ph.D., Jennifer Guerrero, and Yuriana Aguilar

  • Blue Team

    The Blue Team prepares for the Leadership Activity

  • Friendly Competition

    Kim Tran, UC San Diego, celebrates her legendary cup stacking skills

  • Leadership Meets Community

    The Leadership Activity concluded with bicycles being built and given to local youth. Helmets too!

  • UC LEADS Coordinators

    The UC LEADS statewide team, in all of their power and glory

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